Expat spouses meet up for lunch on the beach @ Meet Expats https://meetexpats.nl/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Expat-spouses-meet-up-for-lunch-on-the-beach-1-e1590492465489-370x232.jpg

Getting out of the city

All work and no play? Time to make some time!

Since we expect you to be living in the city (are we right?), we organize events for expats meeting Dutch nationals outside of the city. Many of the social gatherings take place on or near the beach!

Social gatherings in stead of business networks

In our view it helps having social network events. Otherwise the network events will turn into business network gatherings again. And we assume you attend quite some of those yourself anyway.

Our aim is to have expats and Dutch nationals enjoy social network gatherings, gatherings hopefully being the start of friendships as well.

That said, networking and training, such as the Invest and learn how to trade (an introduction) training as well as (L)Earn your share can be (made) fun as well!

Getting comfy with the Dutch language and culture

Attending a MEET EXPATS event

During these gatherings we also aim to get you familiar and comfortable with our language.

Doesn’nt it sound better to have some of these social gatherings on the beach than (again) in the city?