Growing a money tree

Follow the training, either an introduction to and/or the full 2 days training session

Corine Stavenuiter has her own company in trading. She gives training sessions on learning how to trade.

Trading sessions

Corine gives her training sessions with quite a bit of humour. A day with Corine is never a dull day. The information you will receive might dazzle you at a certain stage, but she will explain all of it, she will give you the tricks of the trade and you will have a wonderful day as well!

What do you want more in an educational event? Especially one that will teach you to make more money as well?!

Interested in a trading training session by Corine Stavenuiter?

Whilst taking our measures in relation to Covid-19, we organize both the introduction session as well as the full 2 days training session. See below.

Which one do you choose?

The introduction event: Investing and learning how to trade


The full 2 days session: (L)Earn your share

Corine Stavenuiter, investment coach
Corine Stavenuiter, investment coach

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