Growing a money tree

Follow the training, you may want to choose coaching afterwards as well

Corine Stavenuiter has her own company in trading. She gives training sessions on learning how to trade.

Trading sessions

Corine gives her training sessions with quite a bit of humour. A day with Corine is never a dull day. The information you will receive might dazzle you at a certain stage, but she will explain all of it, she will give you the tricks of the trade and you will have a wonderful day as well! What do you want more in an educational event? Especially one that will teach you to make more money as well?!

Interested in a trading training session by Corine Stavenuiter?

We are currently planning new dates due to the corona crisis. However, If you are interested, please, sign up here, and we will keep you informed on new dates and let you know/choose the date(s) that suit you.
Corine Stavenuiter, investment coach
Corine Stavenuiter, investment coach

Who will teach you the tricks of trading?

Corine Stavenuiter

Corine who?

Corine is a practical person who believes in working smarter not harder. She enjoys working thoroughly, though efficiently. Corine used to be a personal assistant. Having worked amongst others in finance and the insurance business, she has always been interested in ‘how the money making world’ works.
As such she started to follow her next education; investments and trading. She is now a full grown investor and trader, interested in helping you help yourself!


Saturday, August 22 (1st day)

Saturday, August 29, 2020 (2nd day)

From 10:00 AM through 05:00 PM.


Amsterdam (location to be announced)


10:00-10:30 AM Welcoming with coffee and pastries

10:30-12:00 AM First part of the day on tips & tricks on ‘investing’ 

12:00-01:00 PM Lunch

01:00-03:00 PM Second part of the day on ‘learning how to trade’

03:15-03:30 PM Coffee/tea

03:30-05:00 PM Third part of  the day on ‘learning how to trade’ and Q&A

Network number of participants:

Number of participants

8 max

Entrance fee:

€ 849 inclusive of VAT

Investing en learning how to trade

Let Corine teach you how to trade

849 for both sessions (2 days)

per person, incl. VAT, 8 participants max.

Introduction & start session
from beginner to understanding session
Optional: advanced session